Indian Employers Pressured to Take More Seriously Surge in #MeToo Allegations

Article 0 Comments Pressure is building on major Indian employers to take allegations of sexual harassment more seriously after a surge in the number of complaints against prominent public figures in the past week. At least one major Indian newspaper, some politicians and women’s groups have said that the requirements […]

Corporations Talking Clawback Policies for Executives’ #MeToo Misconduct

Article 0 Comments Corporate boards across the U.S. are weighing whether bosses who lose their jobs for bad behavior should surrender part of their compensation. Several high-profile executives resigned or were ousted in the past year following allegations of misconduct, leaving the companies to deal with the fallout, which can […]

#MeToo Brings Positive Changes and Unintended Consequences to Workplaces

Article 0 Comments Has the workplace changed in the year since New York Times reported the first allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein? At the very least, many powerful men have altered their behavior, according to a new survey from the Society for Human Resource Management. A third of the […]

Merger Deals Now Include #MeToo Sexual Harassment Clauses

Article 0 Comments On Wall Street, it’s known as “the Weinstein clause.” Advisers are adding guarantees to certain merger agreements in light of the sexual misconduct scandals that have enveloped the producer Harvey Weinstein and other high-profile businessmen — ones that legally vouch for the behavior of a company’s leadership. […]

Elites Ponder Applying Market Principles to Harassment, Other Social Problems

Article 0 Comments The global social media movement known through the Twitter hashtag #MeToo has highlighted sexual misconduct in business, entertainment and politics, and is on the agenda at this year’s Milken Institute Global Conference, which started on Sunday. Beginning with accusations of misconduct starting in October against Hollywood movie […]