Government Overhaul of National Flood Insurance Cheered by Climate Resilience Experts

Article 0 Comments Climate advocates say an overhaul of the nation’s flood insurance program being unveiled by the Trump administration will spur communities around the country to better plan for extreme weather, but could drive up costs for some homeowners. The changes being announced Monday by the Federal Emergency Management […]

NYC Mayor Proposes $10B Plan to Flood-Proof Manhattan as Climate Risk Grows

Article 0 Comments New York Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a $10 billion plan to push out the lower Manhattan coastline as much as 500 feet, or two city blocks, to protect from flooding that’s expected to become more frequent as global temperatures rise. The project would protect the South […]

Climate Activists to Pressure U.S. Insurers Underwriting Fossil Fuel Industry

Article 1 Comments Expect calls for the insurance industry to stop investing in or insuring the fossil fuel industry and fossil fuel projects to grow louder in California and throughout the U.S. A new petition by several climate change and consumer activist groups will be calling for new California Insurance […]

Federal Flood Insurance Premiums Could Rise in Flood-Prone Areas Under Trump Plan

Article 1 Comments Flood insurance premiums could rise and property values fall in the most deluge-prone areas under a plan the Trump administration intends to roll out in coming weeks to change the way risk is calculated under the National Flood Insurance Program. Instead of simply focusing on whether a […]

Opinion: California’s Wildfires Burn Our Climate Illusions

Article 0 Comments Joan Didion’s “Holy Water,” written in 1977, is a paean to the elaborate engineering that supplied her taps in Malibu and filled drinking glasses in Hollywood restaurants. At its heart is a warning: The apparent ease of California life is an illusion, and those who believe the […]

Firefighters Gain Upper Hand over New Zealand Wildfires; Evacuees Return Home

Article 0 Comments About 3,000 people who fled as a wildfire threatened a New Zealand town were allowed to return home Monday [Feb. 11] as firefighting conditions improved. Another 400 residents living in valleys near the fire aren’t yet able to return, although officials hope they will be able to […]

One-Third of Himalayan Glaciers at Risk from Climate Change: Study

Article 0 Comments One-third of Himalayan glaciers will melt by the end of the century due to climate change, threatening water sources for 1.9 billion people, even if current efforts to reduce climate change succeed, an assessment warns. If global efforts to curb climate change fail, the impact could be […]

Australia Sweltered in January Through Hottest Month on Record

Article 0 Comments Australia sweltered through its hottest month on record in January and the summer of extremes continued with wildfires razing the drought-parched south and flooding in expanses of the tropical north. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology confirmed the January record on Friday as parts of the northern hemisphere had […]

The Polar Vortex And Climate Change

Article 3 Comments A new report outlines the numerous risks insurers face from climate change. The report from Sustainalytics, a provider of ESG (Environmental, social and governance) and corporate governance products and services, shows that property/casualty insurers face two key points of exposure to climate risks in 2019 and beyond: […]

Warming Oceans Cause Krill to Shift Closer to Antarctica: Scientists

Article 0 Comments Krill are shifting south towards Antarctica as the oceans warm, disrupting stocks that are eaten by penguins and whales and caught by industrial trawlers, scientists said on Monday. Main populations of the shrimp-like crustaceans, which grow to 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) long and form vast swarms, have […]