Another California Utility One Wildfire Away From Ruin

Article 0 Comments The warning couldn’t have been clearer. As PG&E Corp. plunged into bankruptcy last month, S&P Global Ratings slashed credit grades almost to junk status for California’s two other big electric utilities, owned by Sempra Energy and Edison International, and said they could go lower. The reason: inverse […]

PG&E Cleared of Liability in 2017 California Wildfire, Bankruptcy Still Seen

Article 0 Comments California fire investigators last week concluded that a major 2017 wildfire was caused by privately owned electrical equipment, prompting the state’s new governor to estimate that PG&E Corp’s potential wildfire liabilities could be almost cut in half. Investors in the utility, which is preparing to file for […]

PG&E Erases Settlements with California Victims as Bankruptcy Looms

Article 0 Comments As PG&E Corp. prepares to file for bankruptcy, victims of wildfires are getting a preview of how they’re likely to be treated as the utility reorganizes — harshly. Ahead of an expected filing for Chapter 11 protection this week, the company is skipping payments it agreed to […]

California Regulators May Break up PG&E Over Safety Concerns

Article 0 Comments California regulators said they are considering splitting up Pacific Gas & Electric Co. or making other drastic changes amid concerns over the utility’s role in recent gas explosions and wildfires. Among the options under consideration by the California Public Utilities Commission are breaking up the utility’s natural […]

PG&E Gives Details on Tower Damage at Heart of California Fire Probe

Article 0 Comments PG&E Corp. revealed that on the day California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire started, its workers saw damage and a fire near one of its transmission towers, which are the focus of investigations and a lawsuit as a possible ignition point. The company has been under intense […]

Online Sleuthing Skills Help in Wake of California Wildfire

Article 0 Comments They have become known as the Angels of Paradise. But there is nothing ethereal about them. They are online sleuths who know how to find people, and they have been putting their skills to use in the aftermath of California’s catastrophic wildfire. In the dark days that […]

Deadly California ‘Firenado’ Explained in New Study

Article 0 Comments A rare fire tornado that raged during this summer’s deadly Carr Fire in Northern California was created by a combination of scorching weather, erratic winds and an ice-topped cloud that towered miles into the atmosphere, according to a study announced Wednesday. The churning funnel of smoke and […]

California Attorney General Brought into PG&E Wildfire Probe

Article 0 Comments California Attorney General Xavier Becerra was asked by a federal judge to weigh in on whether reckless operation of power lines by PG&E Corp. in connection with deadly Northern California wildfires would constitute a crime. The request by U.S. District Judge William Alsup this week comes on […]

California Seizes Small Insurer Merced P&C Due to Wildfire Claims

Article 0 Comments California regulators moved Friday to take over an insurance company that can’t pay out all claims following a massive wildfire that destroyed more than 13,000 homes. Merced Property & Casualty Company was pushed to insolvency by the fire that sparked Nov. 8 and nearly destroyed Paradise and […]

PG&E Decided Not to Cut Power as Winds Raged Before California Wildfire

Article 0 Comments In the days before California’s deadliest wildfire erupted near a PG&E Corp. power line during a windstorm, the company kept a close eye on the weather, warned customers it might shut off electricity in the area, and finally decided conditions weren’t bad enough to warrant it, according […]