EU Markets Regulator Seeks Rapid Response Powers for Post-Brexit Problems

Article 0 Comments The European Union’s markets regulator urged lawmakers on Wednesday to give it “rapid” response powers to deal with problems that may arise after Brexit. The European Parliament has proposed that the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) should have powers to issue “no action letters” that tell […]

Brexit Update: City of London Prepares for Worst, Hopes for Best

Article 0 Comments Dismay, confusion, relief — and hope. The City of London had a range of reactions to the U.K. Parliament’s overwhelming rejection Tuesday night of Prime Minister Theresa May’s blueprint for quitting the European Union, and her sprint to cobble together a new one by Monday. As money […]

It’s Up to Insurers to Prevent Brexit Disruption of Policies, Warns EU Chief

Article 0 Comments There is no guarantee that Brexit won’t disrupt millions of insurance and derivative contracts and it is still up to firms to take preventive measures, the European Union’s financial services chief said on Thursday. Valdis Dombrovskis was asked by EU lawmakers whether he could offer EU citizens […]