Lion Air Plane’s Cockpit Voice Recorder Recovered in Java Sea

Article 0 Comments Indonesia found the cockpit voice recorder from the Lion Air plane that crashed in October, giving investigators a real chance at solving the mystery of what brought down a modern jet. The CVR of the Boeing Co. 737 Max aircraft was intact when it was recovered in […]

Lion Air Ends Hunt for 2nd Black Box, but Indonesia Plans to Resume Search

Article 0 Comments Lion Air has ended its search for the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) from its Boeing 737 MAX jet that crashed into the Java Sea in October, but Indonesian investigators said they plan to launch their own probe as soon as possible. The crash, the world’s first of […]

Victim’s Family Sues Boeing Over Lion Air Flight Crash

Article 0 Comments The family of a man who was killed when a Lion Air flight crashed in October has sued Boeing Co., alleging the 737 MAX 8 aircraft was “unreasonably dangerous” and demanding a jury trial in Chicago, where the U.S. manufacturer is based. The lawsuit was filed on […]

Bureaucratic Disputes, Funding Problems Hinder Search for 2nd Lion Air Black Box

Article 0 Comments Bureaucratic wrangling and funding problems have hampered the search for the cockpit voice recorder of a crashed Lion Air jet, prompting investigators to turn to the airline to foot the bill in a rare test of global norms on the probe’s independence. Weeks of delays in the […]

Lion Air Crash Demonstrates Unintended Consequences of Cockpit Automation

Article 0 Comments As Boeing Co. was developing its latest version of the 737 airliner, it discovered the design was slightly more prone to a loss of control. So the company added a computer-driven safety feature — one that is now a focus of the investigation into a fatal crash […]

Deadly Lion Air Crash Puts Spotlight on Safety Culture Within Indonesia’s Airlines

Article 0 Comments In April 2013, a Lion Air Boeing 737 missed the runway on the Indonesian resort island of Bali in bad weather and plowed into the sea, cracking its fuselage open on the rocks. All 108 on board survived. But a September 2014 report by Indonesia’s air crash […]

New Clues to Lion Air 737 Max Crash Revealed in Boeing, FAA Warnings

Article 0 Comments A Boeing Co. warning to 737 Max operators around the globe provides the first clues about how bad data from an airflow sensor might have contributed to the deadly crash of an Indonesian airliner last week. The bulletin and statements by Indonesian investigators suggest that the pilots […]

Update: Boeing Issues Warning About 737 Max Jet in Response to Lion Air Crash

Article 0 Comments Boeing Co. is advising airlines on procedures to deal with false readings from an plane sensor that authorities say malfunctioned on a 737 Max jet that crashed off the Indonesian coast over a week ago. The operations-manual bulletin was issued Tuesday, Boeing said in a statement posted […]

Data Recorder Shows Crashed Boeing 737 Max Had Airspeed Issues on Last 4 Flights

Article 0 Comments The Lion Air plane that crashed in the Java Sea last week had faulty airspeed readings during its last four flights and Indonesian investigators called on planemaker Boeing Co. and U.S. authorities to ensure there aren’t fleet-wide issues. The Southeast Asian country’s National Transportation Safety Committee, which […]

Lion Air Jet’s Audio Black Box Could Hold Key to Mystery of Doomed Flight

Article 0 Comments Search crews hunting for the remains of Lion Air Flight JT610 have found the data recorder, engines and body parts of some of the 189 victims. But the key to solving the mystery behind the crash is still missing: the cockpit voice recorder. Indonesia’s rescue agency said […]