Study Questions Safety Claims About Tesla Autopilot’s Steering Feature

Article 0 Comments An analysis of government data disputes a finding by safety regulators and promoted by Tesla Inc. that crash rates of its older vehicles declined after they were equipped with an automatic steering capability. The study, released Friday by Quality Control Systems Corp., a data analysis company in […]

How Lighting Mould Make Autonomous Vehicles Safer for Pedestrians

Article 0 Comments Reducing autonomous vehicle accidents during testing may be as easy as adding lighting to warn pedestrians. South Korean car parts firm Hyundai Mobis showcased what it calls its Communication Lighting concept at the CES show in Las Vegas last week. The firm says autonomous vehicles outfitted with […]

How to Make Self-Driving Cars Safer on Roads with Humans

Article 0 Comments As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Congress press for removing safety regulations in order to fast-track the introduction of highly automated vehicles, human factors/ergonomics experts are recommending requiring important testing and driver support. The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) says autonomous vehicles must and […]

Trump Administration Moves to Speed Up Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Article 0 Comments The Trump administration is moving ahead with plans to revise safety rules that bar fully self-driving cars from the roads without equipment such as steering wheels, pedals and mirrors, according to a document made public on Thursday. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) “intends to reconsider […]

Insurers Urge Focus on Safety and Data Sharing in Autonomous Vehicles

Article 0 Comments While automated driving systems hold great promise to save lives and reduce crashes, the focus must remain on validating the safety of the technology every step of the way, according to the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC). Fundamental regulatory changes will need to take place […]

Uber Hires Ex-Regulator for Safety Advice; Website Says Software Flaw Caused Accident

Article 0 Comments Uber Technologies Inc. on Monday said it has retained a former top U.S. transportation official to advise it on safety after a fatal self-driving crash in March, but it declined to comment on a technology website’s report that a software flaw was responsible for the accident. The […]

Safety Advocates Accuse Tesla of Inflating Crash Reduction Data

Article 0 Comments Tesla Inc.’s ardent defense of its Autopilot system is getting heat from safety advocates who question a key data point the company has been citing to plead its case. Several times since an Autopilot-linked fatality last month, the electric-car maker has claimed the U.S. government found that […]

Human Influence Makes Autonomous Vehicle Programming Unsafe: Professor

Article 0 Comments The way autonomous vehicles are currently being programmed may not be safe because the programs are copying humans, according to a computer professor in the state where the first pedestrian fatality occurred n a collision with a driverless Uber car. “Google, Uber and others in the field […]

Uber Cut Back on Safety Sensors on Volvo Involved in Fatal Accidents: Reuters

Article 0 Comments When Uber decided in 2016 to retire its fleet of self-driving Ford Fusion cars in favor of Volvo sport utility vehicles, it also chose to scale back on one notable piece of technology: the safety sensors used to detect objects in the road. That decision resulted in […]