It’s Too Soon to Regulate Self-Driving Cars, Says U.S. Safety Official

Article 0 Comments It’s premature to regulate the self-driving vehicles being tested by companies such as General Motors Co. and Waymo LLC, the U.S. government’s top auto safety official said. “At this point the technology is so nascent I don’t think it is appropriate today to regulate this technology,” Heidi […]

Regulators Try to Navigate Legal, Social, Safety Issues Raised by Autonomous Vehicles

Article 0 Comments In closed-door meetings last March, U.S. transportation regulators and others grappled with questions about whether police should have the power to disable self-driving cars and whether an automatic alert that a robo-taxi had been in a wreck could violate an occupant’s privacy, a report released on Tuesday […]

Nations with National Regulatory Policies Outpacing U.S. on Driverless Cars

Article 0 Comments Cars that drive themselves are finding the clearest paths to showrooms in the U.K., Germany, South Korea and Singapore, where governments have enacted legislation allowing autonomous vehicles to be tested on public roads. And China’s not far behind. Those nations are outpacing the U.S., where the absence […]

U.S. Wants Public Input on Rules for Driverless Vehicles, Trains

Article 0 Comments U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said on Thursday that regulators will seek public input on rules for self-driving commercial vehicles and trains, as the administration grapples with how to regulate their expected future use. At a speech in Washington, Chao said the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration […]