The Changing Risk and Liability Landscape: New Tech, New Loss Scenarios

Article 0 Comments Advancements in technology are changing the risk landscape irrevocably and driving potential big changes in liability, and other insurance, claims activity. The opportunities for business from new technologies such as autonomous machines, artificial intelligenceI, smart factories and digitalized supply chains are immense and wide-ranging. Increasing interconnection of […]

Waymo Claims Its Driverless Car Would Have Avoided Uber’s Fatal Accident

Article 0 Comments The head of Alphabet Inc.’s autonomous driving unit, Waymo, said on Saturday that the company’s technology would have safely handled the situation confronting an Uber self-driving vehicle last week when it struck a pedestrian, killing her. Waymo CEO John Krafcik told auto dealers at a gathering of […]

Autonomous Car Testing Without Backup Drivers Approved in California

Article 0 Comments Driverless cars will be tested in California for the first time without a person behind a steering wheel under new rules that state regulators approved Monday for the fast-developing technology. The regulations are a major step toward getting autonomous vehicles to dealerships and onto the streets of […]