Autonomous Driving Hype Now at ‘Peak Absurdity,’ Claims Auto Dealer Group Leader

Article 0 Comments The auto industry is a long way from seeing autonomous vehicles and ride-hailing companies put an end to traffic deaths and personal car ownership, according to one of the top U.S. auto dealers. “We have reached peak absurdity on this topic,” Wes Lutz, the chairman of the […]

It’s Not Easy to Teach Robot Drivers to Think Like Humans

Article 0 Comments Robot cars make for annoying drivers. Relative to human motorists, the driverless vehicles now undergoing testing on public roads are overly cautious, maddeningly slow, and prone to abrupt halts or bizarre paralysis caused by bikers, joggers, crosswalks or anything else that doesn’t fit within the neat confines […]

Insurance Industry in Best Position to Advance Consumer Trust in Automated Driving

Article 0 Comments While the race to automated vehicles picks up speed, a new survey reveals consumer are skeptical of the technology and the safety claims of its advocates, a new survey finds. Also, the insurance industry may be in the best position to answer consumer questions about safety of […]