The Road Ahead for Autonomous Cars and Auto Insurance

Article 0 Comments The death of a pedestrian who was struck by an autonomous vehicle in Tempe, Arizona, has brought fresh scrutiny to the accelerating development of self-driving cars. The accident on March 18 is bound to be studied exhaustively, both to determine fault and to assess and refine the […]

Drive to Autonomous Vehicles Slows After Series of Accidents

Article 0 Comments A series of high-profile accidents involving self-driving cars are slowing the mad rush into the autonomous vehicles business, according to a report issued Wednesday. The accidents, some of them fatal, have ignited a debate about how to regulate the safety of self-driving vehicles and tempered the public’s […]

Safety Worry: Keeping Humans In and Around Autonomous Vehicles Engaged

Article 0 Comments After partially faulting Tesla Inc.’s automation system for a 2016 fatal crash, U.S. safety investigators last year called on carmakers to do more to ensure drivers stay engaged as next-generation cars start to steer themselves. Since then, the National Transportation Safety Board has opened investigations of three […]

After Uber Crash, Florida Still Welcomes Free-Range Robot Cars

Article 0 Comments Florida has been trying to lure self-driving cars to the state for testing on public roads, shaping laws that are much more lax than places like California and New York. The fatal accident last week in Arizona, another state that’s opted for a laissez faire approach to […]

Liability and Legal Questions Follow Uber Autonomous Car Fatal Accident

Article 0 Comments The death of a pedestrian hit by a self-driving Uber vehicle in Arizona this week could offer a test of who can be held legally responsible for accidents when a human is no longer at the wheel, legal experts said. Any litigation that arises from the accident, […]