Climate Groups Warn About Virginia Tax Cut for Homes in Flood-Prone Areas

Article 1 Comments A measure approved by Virginia voters this week to cut taxes on homes in flood-prone areas of the flood-prone commonwealth has climate experts warning that it might encourage people to remain in vulnerable areas – and could spread to other states. The constitutional amendment passed Tuesday with […]

Is a Massive Tunnel System the Answer to Houston’s Flood Woes?

Article 0 Comments It may sound far-fetched, but a massive tunnel system is one concept on the table as the Harris County Flood Control District begins to explore more creative flood control methods after Hurricane Harvey, when the Houston area became the site of the worst rainstorm in American history. […]

Report: Texas Failing to Enforce Flood Insurance Rules

Article 0 Comments Texas officials are struggling to enforce part of a flood insurance program that aims to elevate or remove severely damaged properties from flood plains, according to a newspaper investigation. The Houston Chronicle analyzed more than 36,000 insurance claims of properties that are frequently flooded and determined that […]