Small Firms’ Access to Low Cost Health Plans Depends on State

Article 0 Comments As small business owners shop for 2019 health insurance, some will for the first time have the chance to join forces and buy cheaper insurance – depending on which state they’re in. New rules that began going into effect last month allow sole proprietors and other business […]

Trump Labor Chief Readies Rule to Allow Small Business Health Plans

Article 0 Comments The Trump administration wants to make it easier for small businesses to join together to offer cheaper health insurance plans that would lack some of the protections required under Obamacare. The U.S. Labor Department on Tuesday said it plans to issue a rule that would let more […]

Growing Gig Economy in Search of Health Insurance Options

Article 0 Comments There are plenty of problems lurking on America’s career ladder, but here is a big one: our healthcare systems are designed for the workforce of 1950. If you have a lifetime corporate 9-to-5 gig, then you probably have group health insurance. But what if that is not […]