2 CATCo Executives Sue Markel Over Firing; Claim They Are Owed $77 Million

Article 0 Comments Two fired executives of Markel’s Bermuda reinsurance operations are suing Markel claiming the company created a false narrative alleging they violated corporate policy by having a personal relationship in order to escape having to pay them bonuses worth millions of dollars. The fired executives, Anthony Belisle, Markel […]

2 Markel CATCo Execs Leave After Reserves Inquiry Unveils ‘Personal Relationship’

Article 0 Comments Markel Corp. has reported that Anthony Belisle, Markel CATCo chief executive officer, and Alissa Fredricks, Markel CATCo chief executive officer for Bermuda, are no longer with the company following the disclosure of a “personal relationship” that the insurer said violated corporate policy. According to the company, the […]