Orlando Ends Facial Recognition Program with Amazon

Article 0 Comments Orlando has stopped testing Amazon’s facial recognition program after rights groups raised concerns that the service could be used in ways that could violate civil liberties. The Florida city ended a pilot program last week after its contract with Amazon.com Inc to use its Rekognition service expired, […]

North Carolina Sued for Revoking Licenses Over Traffic Fines

Article 0 Comments Because he can’t pay $228 in traffic fines, Seti Johnson faces revocation of his North Carolina’s driver’s license, which means he won’t be able to drive to the job he hopes to get soon. For Sharee Smoot, the amount keeping her off the road is $648. In […]

Virginia High Court Rules Lawsuit Can Move Ahead in License Plate Reader Case

Article 0 Comments In a victory for privacy advocates, the Supreme Court of Virginia has ruled a lawsuit challenging a police department’s practice of keeping data from automated license plate readers for a year can move forward. Last year, a judge dismissed a case filed by the American Civil Liberties […]