CEO Duperreault Bets on Underwriting Culture, Greenberg Ways in Restoring AIG to Greatness

Article 0 Comments Brian Duperreault, who rejoined American International Group Inc. as chief executive officer last year to turn the company around, remembers another era when the insurer was trying to blaze a trail toward greatness. In 1973, Duperreault arrived at AIG’s old Lower Manhattan office to interview for an […]

Ex-CEO for AIG Unit Tells UK Court Politics Not Why Bonuses Were Cut

Article 0 Comments An ex-chief executive officer of AIG’s Financial Products unit repeatedly told a U.K court that political and media pressure didn’t influence the company’s decision to “wipe out” a $600 million employee bonus pool during the financial crisis. “We had pressure from all different places, it doesn’t mean […]

Former AIG Financial Product Staffers Seek Bonuses They Say They Were Promised

Article 0 Comments A former marketing director at Banque AIG told a London court that he was repeatedly assured he’d receive his bonuses, even as he helped clean up a company crumbling from its role in the global financial crisis. “I asked and received the same answer frequently, that there […]