Robots Haven’t Eliminated Many Jobs – So Far: World Bank

Article 0 Comments The rise of automation has so far had a negligible impact on jobs at a global scale, the World Bank chief economist said, despite common gloomy predictions that humans are set to be replaced by machines. While advanced economies have shed industrial jobs over the last two […]

Will Robots Take Your Job? It Depends on Where You Live: OECD

Article 0 Comments Will robots take your job? The answer depends on where you live. The threat varies “strikingly” between countries and regions, with as many as 40 percent of jobs at “high risk” in Western Slovakia and just 4 percent in the area around Oslo, the OECD said Tuesday. […]

Robots Portend Grim Future for Working Class: Viewpoint

Article 0 Comments Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist and one of the pioneers of the world wide web, once declared: “The spread of computers and the internet will put jobs in two categories. People who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do.” Andreessen […]

Why Insurance Industry Should Embrace, Not Fear, Artificial Intelligence

Article 0 Comments Artificial intelligence isn’t the cold, job killing disruptor many fear it to be – at least it won’t be for many years to come, says Jeff Somers, president of Insureon. Insureon, a bit of a disruptor itself, is a national online platform for small business commercial insurance. […]