What to Do If an Employee Displays Signs of Dementia

Article 0 Comments Faced with an aging American workforce, companies are increasingly navigating delicate conversations with employees grappling with cognitive declines, experts say. Workers experiencing early stages of dementia may struggle with tasks they had completed without difficulty. Historically punctual employees may forget about scheduled meetings. And those who have […]

The Bright Side in a Graying U.S. Workforce: Viewpoint

Article 0 Comments Economists call it the “old-age dependency ratio” – a rough measure of the balance between people who work and retirees. The ratio compares the number of people over age 65 – classified as “old” – with those aged 15 to 64 – and it is not headed […]

Why Businesses Need to Plan for Aging Workforce

Article 0 Comments The demographic trend is no secret: the populations of the United States and other major industrial countries are getting older, and fast. That means workforces are aging too, but employers are doing surprisingly little to prepare to meet the challenges or adapt to employees’ needs. In the […]

How Trump Policies Contribute to Dire Scenario for Workers’ Compensation

Article 0 Comments At a time when the nation’s workers’ compensation system is facing an aging workforce and a pending widespread labor shortage, federal policies on immigration and health insurance promise to exacerbate these challenges and contribute to causing far more claims and higher costs in the years ahead, according […]