Arkansas Releases Warning on Short-Term Health Plans

Article 1 Comments The Arkansas Insurance Department has issued a warning regarding short-term health plans and reminded producers selling such plans they are required to warn consumers that these plans do not meet the minimum essential coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act. In AID’s announcement, Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Allen […]

Small Firms’ Access to Low Cost Health Plans Depends on State

Article 0 Comments As small business owners shop for 2019 health insurance, some will for the first time have the chance to join forces and buy cheaper insurance – depending on which state they’re in. New rules that began going into effect last month allow sole proprietors and other business […]

Premium Price for ACA Policies to Decline in Louisiana

Article 0 Comments People searching for health insurance policies in Louisiana will likely fare better than those in many other states as the Nov. 1 annual open enrollment period approaches for the individual marketplace. The Advocate reports data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provide the first official […]

Republican States’ Court Fight to End Obamacare Begins as Midterm Politics Heat Up

Article 2 Comments A Republican-led lawsuit seeking to nullify Obamacare will be spotlighted in court in the final months of congressional election campaigns, giving Democrats political fodder and sending GOP candidates in competitive races looking for cover. Oral arguments seeking to block the health-care law are set for Wednesday in […]

Senate Republicans Prepare Pre-Existing Condition Bill in Case Obamacare Nixed

Article 0 Comments Ten Senate Republicans have introduced legislation that would reinstate Obamacare rules that prohibit insurers from turning away people with pre-existing conditions if a new lawsuit that seeks to invalidate the healthcare law succeeds. The legislation comes two weeks before oral arguments begin on September 5 in Texas […]

Health Insurers Propose Lower Premiums for Minnesota Individual Market

Article 0 Comments Health insurers in Minnesota’s individual market are proposing mostly decreased premium rates for 2019, with average proposed decreases ranging from 3 percent to more than 12 percent for consumers, according to data released Friday by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The Star Tribune reports the four largest […]

Maine Individual Insurers Seek Nine Percent Rate Hike

Article 0 Comments Two insurers on Maine’s individual health insurance market are requesting lower-than-expected rate increases for 2019. Portland Press Herald reports the insurers are requesting average rate increases of over 9 percent in 2019. Higher federal subsidies could help 85 percent of policyholders who could be impacted. Nearly 76,700 […]

Wisconsin Governor Requests Federal Waiver for Reinsurance Program

Article 0 Comments Gov. Scott Walker’s administration filed a request with the federal government seeking a waiver that would allow Wisconsin to offer a $200 million reinsurance program designed to lower premiums and attract more providers to the private marketplace. Walker told reporters on April 18 that if the program […]

Iowa Law Allowing Health Plans to Skirt ACA Signed by Governor

Article 0 Comments Iowa will allow people to buy a cheaper form of health insurance that skirts Affordable Care Act rules, under legislation signed into law by the state’s Republican governor. The law will allow Iowa’s Farm Bureau to partner with a designated insurance company to offer so-called health benefit […]

Wisconsin Governor to Sign Health Reinsurance Bill

Article 0 Comments Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will sign into law a measure that’s designed to lower health insurance premiums for people buying plans through the Affordable Care Act. Walker announced Monday that he would sign the bill that had bipartisan support. Walker’s $200 million plan counts on the federal […]